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And I Will Give Thee The Treasures of Darkness, and Hidden Riches of Secret Places! Isaiah 45:3

The Secret To Supernatural Increase Is A Divine Instruction!
Nobody speaks more than God --- but God never shouts. He speaks in a whisper. You must develop a heart to hear Him. God's covenant promises are innumerable. They are also available to every Christian who is willing to obey His instructions.
In this dynamic CD teaching by Dr. Todd Coontz, he shares from his life experiences, how he overcame incredible learning disabilities, financial setbacks, and the negative opinions of others to living in a wealthy place in God.

This Dynamic CD Teaching Will Reveal:
  • My Personal Testimony --- How I'm Overcoming ADHD
  • God's First Instruction To Mankind
  • 4 Critical Relationships God Uses In Your Life For Increase
  • Why God Links Instructions To Supernatural Increase
  • How To Cultivate A Heart To Hear God
  • The Miracle Instruction That Produced 1000 Times More

Riches Hidden In Secret Places (CD)

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