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2-Disc Combo Pak: DVD Video/CD Audio

Expect a Turnaround Miracle!
Seasons don't last forever! Good or bad, they have a beginning and an ending. In this life-changing Combo Pak, DR. TODD COONTZ candidly shares his personal struggles during a very difficult prolonged season lasting for over 4 years. You'll witness his pain first hand. You'll hear the heart-wrenching story as he shares from his heart what few will talk about. You'll discover The 7 Facts About Transition, and how God turned it all around in his favor!

Every Turnaround Miracle Requires A Turning Point Moment!
An "Uncommon" Moment of Faith when God is doing something miraculous.
GET READY -- God Is Birthing A NEW Season!

    On this CD & DVD, You'll learn:
  • Why Some Harvests Are Delayed
  • What's Considered A Significant Seed
  • 4 Things That Will Shorten Your Difficult Season
  • How Your Words Are Influencing God
  • My Debt-Free House Testimony
  • The Hidden Key To Surviving The Storm
  • Plus... MUCH MORE!!!

What To Do During A Prolonged Season? PLUS 7 Facts...About Transition CD/DVD Combo Pak

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