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MONEY IS NOT A MIRACLE. It Is Simply A Reward For Solving A Problem. Your salary is decided by the kind of problems you solve for someone else. Money is the answer to many problems we face. So it is important and necessary. That's why you look for problems to solve. Favor always flows in the direction of a problem solver!

Increase Is A Scriptural Command From God. God loves increase. He craves increase. Everything He touches multiplies. Everything.

Your dreams, goals, and desires are much bigger than your capability to produce them. You will need a supernatural touch from God. You will need favor from God and from man!

•  My Fed Ex & UPS Testimony Of Monthly Checks
•  Single Most Important Ingredient To God's Favor
•  God's Promised Blessing Of 1000 Times More!
•  How Obedience Unleashed A Tidal Wave Of Blessings
• PLUS.... Much More!

The Miracle Multiplication of 1000 Times! CD

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