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Saying, "YES" to Dynamic Faith!

Hope for the future, trust in others, wishful thinking -- all these things come to mind when people talk about having faith. Faith in God is something much more!

What does it mean to have faith? Faith Isn't Feelings! Feelings change. Emotions fluctuate. Passions vacillate. Faith isn't based on what we might feel at any given moment. Instead, faith is based on the unchanging promises of God!
Building Your Faith On God's Reputation is a revealing and powerful teaching prepared by DR. TODD COONTZ, which will grow your faith elevating your believing to its highest level.

•  What Is God-Faith
•  3 Streams of Faith
•  Flowing In The Gift of Faith
•  The Secret of Having Dynamic Faith
•  Faith Requires Photographs
•  PLUS.... Much More!

Building Your Faith On God's Reputation! CD

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