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Supernatural Debt Cancellation... There is Life After Debt!
Paid in Full!
These words are powerful, life-changing to the person struggling under a load of debt. Nobody likes to be broke. The lending industry has cleverly designed a plan that virtually makes it impossible to say those words. A lifestyle of debt will keep you broke your entire life!

You Don't Have To Live In Lack! Live A Wealthy Debt-Free Lifestyle. In this revolutionary book, Breaking the Spirit of Debt, DR. TODD COONTZ exposes the strategies, tactics, and vicious debt cycle that's been crippling you from living a life of abundance FREE from financial deficits -- Lack. He exposes the demonic strategy designed to stop the Gospel, destroy your family, wreck your business and keep you broke.

You will learn:
•  Biblical Basis for Supernatural Debt Cancellation
•  Creative Power of Right Words...How to Use Them
•  Identify Bad Habits That Feed a Lifestyle of Debt
•  Breaking Generational Curses of Lack
•  God's Financial Guarantee Outlined in the Believers Covenant
•  My Personal 24 Hour Debt-Busting Miracle!

PLUS... 7 Keys to Living a Life of Biblical Abundance -- No More Deficits!

Breaking the Spirit of Debt BK

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